Useful Information

Drivers license information

  • You can renew your license up to 1year early without losing any time.
  • The price of your last driver’s license is on the back corner of your license.
  • Cost:  $38.50 for a 4 year renewal, $77 for an 8 year renewal and $25.00 for replacement.
  • Oklahoma ID cost is $25.00 for the 4 year and $50 for the 8 year.  Replacement ID cost is also $25.00
  • At age 62 your driver’s license price drops, and by age 65 it is FREE

*****to know what documents needed for the new “Real” id Credential ( aka: Driver License ) visit


To avoid delays or waiting in line at the tag office,
worrying that you may not have the correct information, here are some friendly reminders of what to bring.

Transferring a title

  • Bring your assigned notarized title
  • Bring your current insurance verification card
  • Bring your drivers license

To register a vehicle

  • Bring your current insurance verification card
  • Bring your tag renewal card you received from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, if you don’t have that you can bring your tag number.

To title a new car

  • Bring your Certificate of Origin and other accompanying paperwork from your dealership. You should receive that paperwork certified mail a couple weeks after you purchased your vehicle.
  • Bring your current insurance verification card.
  • Bring your drivers license

To renew a drivers license

  • Bring your current drivers license
  • If it was lost or stolen and is not expired we will be able to look up your information to issue you a replacement.



What do I need if my Oklahoma license is over 365 days expired?

We can renew it here with an original state-issued Birth Certificate only (no photocopies, citizen born abroad, hospital certificates or birth registrations). DPS can accept a valid Passport or Birth Certificates. They are located at 1635 S. Main St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Do I have to retake my driver’s test?

If your Oklahoma license is over 3 years expired…YES If your out-of-state license is expired when you enter Oklahoma…YES You can take your test at DPS located at 1635 S. Main St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012

If I have a CDL can I come here to renew/change anything on my license?

NO… you must go to a DPS office

If I applied and tested for a CDL and did not pass, can I just keep my regular license?

Yes, but you must go to DPS first and let them void the CDL transaction